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Here’s the ultimate, best packing list for the Short 2-Day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu! It is the result of a combination of our long experience with the Inca Trails, our satisfied hikers’ testimonials and extensive online research, the best combination to get to the best packing list!

When it comes to hiking, touring and packing, these are the things you have to consider for your amazing Short 2-Day Inca Trail:

  • First, on day 1, you will be hiking from 09:00 am until around 04:00 pm, along the Andes magnificent natural beauty, but also on a somewhat difficult terrain on some sections, a 7-hour hike we surely want you to be completely prepared for!
  • Second, on day 2 there is no more hiking, but you will have the amazing, professionally guided tour of the Machu Picchu citadel, and of course we don’t want you to be there feeling sorry because you haven’t brought an item that is many miles away, in your country of origin!

Our travel company will provide all main meals-including vegetarian upon request and at no extra fees- except for breakfast on day 1 and lunch on day 2, walking poles, a first-aid kit, an oxygen bottle, and all tour-related services that can be found fully described on our itinerary section. Having said this, now we’re going to focus on the best packing list for your wonderful Short 2-Day Inca Trail adventure through the unique Andean highlands! We don’t want you to need something only to find it is in New York City, Toronto, London or even Tokyo!

About the backpack, experts on best packing list recommend a 65-liter one for the Classic 4-Day Inca Trail, thus, for this Short 2-Day Inca Trail, a smaller, medium-sized backpack will be enough. You may like to add a tight rain cover, especially if you’re going to do the Short 2-Day Inca Trail on rain season, which is from November to March; it may happen to rain while hikers are outdoors, but everybody has a great time anyway. In your backpack, make sure you put some snacks in, and also bottled beverages; don’t forget to bring your passport, valid ISIC card (if you’re an eligible student), money in cash, either soles (Peruvian currency) or dollars because ATM and travelers’ checks fees for every operation are high. Finally, travel insurance is also recommended for your Short 2-Day Inca Trail.

About clothing, here we continue on a best packing list, take note so you have this area completely covered: a sun hat or a cap, sunglasses, t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, a windproof and a waterproof jacket, hiking pants (better if they are reversible into shorts), a swimsuit for the optional hot springs in Aguas Calientes, soft yet resistant socks (better if they are mountaineering ones), sandals, resistant and comfortable sneakers or hiking boots and sleepwear for your night at the hotel on day 1 of your Short 2-Day Inca Trail. Keep in mind that it may be sunny, cold or rainy during daytime, so the right thing to do is to be prepared with clothing for all situations. Another insider tip: avoid all cotton clothing because they absorb too much and take long to dry, choose polyester or nylon garments instead.

About equipment, we will provide a walking pole (this upon request on the day prior of the tour) which is a must for a Short 2-Day Inca Trail, for it helps a ton with hiking, sometimes up a stone stairway from Inca times, and most of the time on pavement also made by the Incas. On your best packing list, don’t forget a photographic camera and/or a filming one (fully charged because there is no electrical power either on the hike or in Machu Picchu), a smartphone, maybe binoculars for the amazing views, some people also bring a GPS device; recently, some hikers are using portable solar cells that allow all electronic equipment to be charged on the road. You may also want to bring a tripod and a professional backpack for image equipment, that’s ok, just remember that due to new Machu Picchu regulations tripods and the likes are not allowed anymore at the citadel, so you could only use them while hiking or outside the Machu Picchu site. Also, there’s an extra fee for entrance at the complex with a professional equipment backpack.

About hygiene, since you will spend night 1 of the Short 2-Day Inca Trail at an Aguas Calientes hotel, bring soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb and the other products you are used to; for the road, a small towel, hand sanitizer and also wipes will be very helpful.

About drugstore items and the likes, on your best package list you must bring insect repellent, sunblock, anti-germ pads, cotton and varied size bandages in case you have a cut you need to clean and cover. Also, if you happen to feel altitude sickness-which does not affect everybody– you may like to have some medication for it, like glucose pills or Diamox, and headache or digestive system pills. Naturally, you must bring any prescription item you may be on.

With this best packing list for the Short 2-Day Inca Trail, we are sure you will have the best of times hiking through the ancient Inca roads, the magnificent natural beauty of the Andes range and finally the wonderful tour of the Machu Picchu sanctuary!

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