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The Salkantay Trek reaching 4.600 m (15,200ft) is a great alternative for Inca Trail to reach Machu Picchu. It presents a unique combination of culture, amazing adventure and extraordinary natural beauty. It may happen all permits for Classic Inca Trail are sold out, do not worry, Salkantay Trek 5D/4N will bring you to Machu Picchu through a mind-blowing scenery.

For travelers who are not in a position to do the complete trail Tour in Peru offers you a great fast alternative trek Short Inca Trail. With this trek, you won’t miss out the magic of the Inca Trail if you are not in great shape or if you simply do not have time in your trip to take 4 or 5 day trail. The Short Inca Trail still allows you to visit main spots of the trail. If you are interested read more about the Short Inca Trail  and check availability for the Short Inca Trail.

Along the Salkantay Trek, you will journey through varied terrain from beautiful landscapes to a snowy mountains leading to a jungle of endemic flora and fauna. You will get to experience local Andean heritage, locals will greet you along the way and give you a glimpse into their rarely seen world.

This route is surrounded by the historical Machu Picchu National Park and it is in the top 25 best hikes in the world! This trail is very diverse and rich geography hike, Andean culture and history. Are you ready for the Salkantay Trek?  Contact us for further information and we will help you to experience an extraordinary trip!

Have a closer look at the route of Salkantay Trek

The Salkantay Trek takes five days and four nights. This 5-day trek goes through various landscapes including highlands, cloud forest, rainforest and dry mountains. During the trek, you will have stunning views of Apu Salkantay the sacred mountain that protects Machu Picchu, Pumasillo Mountain and the Humantay Mountain, three of the most beautiful peaks on the trek.

River in the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

Stunning landscapes at the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

You will leave early in a morning on a first day of trek to Mollepata where after breakfast you will start your hike towards Soraypampa. In Soraypampa you camp first night and enjoy the majestic Apu Salkantay and spectacular stars sky view.

From the snow mountain to the hot spring

Second day of the trek continuing hiking the Peruvian highlands. It will bring you to spectacular views of the second highest peak in Cusco region – Mountain Salkantay, a stunning snowcapped mountain. You will end your day in Chaullay for second night at campsite.

You will end up your third day in Santa Teresa’s hot springs, after all day hiking (around 9 hours) through the jungle. This is what you deserved to end up properly your day.

Climb up to the ruins of Machu Picchu

Fourth day will bring you to Aguas Calientes the Machu Picchu town, from where you can see the back of actual Machu Picchu ruins. Next day from here will start your last hike to the final point – Machu Picchu.

Salkantay peak in the Salkantay Trek

Across the sacred Apu Salkantay Mountain to Machu Picchu

The Salkantay Trek is a challenging way to reach one of the World’s wonder Machu Picchu. If you are ready for the unforgettable experience, contact us now and start your journey!