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Check availability for 2 DAY SHORT Inca Trail

The Short Inca Trail is a short program designed for people who are traveling with limited time but who want to hike a section of the Inca Trail, explore a part of famous trail and enter the Machu Picchu through the famous Sun gate.

Enjoy the natural beauties and the scenic views of this easy and fast trek!
You will start a trek in kilometer 104 until Winay Wayna ruins on the way exploring different landscapes and enjoying the stunning picture of Andes mountains to  The Sun Gate from where you will get a first glimpse of Machu Picchu!

It is a great option to explore and experience most popular trek in a world and visit Machu Picchu!

As the Classic Inca Trail, Short Inca Trail is also subject to availability. Permits availability information can only be accessed by Authorized Travel Agencies, the availability information below is updated weekly and manualy. The maximum number of daily permits is 250.

Below we present you the SHORT Inca Trail Permits Availability for every month in 2017. Also, as an alternative, you can check the 4 day Classic Inca Trail Availability.