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Overview of your Rainbow Mountain Tour

The Vinicunca or Rainbow Mountain is really one of a kind! The chemicals that compose it produce many different colors, so it really looks like a rainbow, like a prism; for this reason it is one of the favorite tours here in Cusco. Of course people take a lot of pictures of this unique attraction! It seems that the only other mountain of this type is in China. This 1-day package includes a 4-hour hike through Andean heights until the Vinicunca mountain, and it could be an amazing addition to your Machu Picchu tour, we offer it on a daily basis. So, hike, see this unique mountain and take a lot of pictures!

Itinerary at a glance!

Short Hike to the Vinicunca (Rainbow) Mountain – Itinerary

  • 03:30 Bus ride from Cusco city to Quesiuno
  • 06:30 Breakfast
  • 07:00 Beginning of the hike from Quesiuno to the Vinicunca (Rainbow) Mountain
  • 11:00 Arrival to the Vinicunca (Rainbow) Mountain
  • 11:45 Hike back to Quesiuno
  • 13:30 Lunch
  • 16:00 Bus ride back to Cusco city
  • 19:00 Arrival at Cusco city
Rainbow Mountain Tour in detail

The Vinicunca or Rainbow mountain is a 1-day tour that will take you on a great adventure to know an attraction really unique! A rainbow-like mountain high at the Andes of Cusco! No road, just a wonderful exploration hike to get there. Enjoy magnificent landscapes all the way, with the Andes range, rivers, free typical camelids like alpacas and llamas one step away from you, until the arrival to the singular mountain. Experience this incredible destination on a 1-day journey with the people you prefer!

Vinicunca or Rainbow Mountain Hike – 1-day Tour:

It all starts early, at 03:30 am we will pick you on a private van and go to Pitumarca; along the way sunrise will happen, gradually revealing the beauty of all Andean nature.

Our typical breakfast will be at approximately 06:30 a.m., and afterwards a hike of around 4 miles begins. Through the highest level of the Andes range, called puna, you will be hiking towards the Vinicunca mountain, feeling the mighty energy of Andean nature, admiring its flora and landscapes and walking on a very clean, healthy environment. However, if you may prefer a more relaxed experience, we also have horses available; you can request one in advance.

Continue with your hike in the middle of wild nature, only a few shacks here and there, with the mighty snowy Ausangate standing out among the amazing landscape; finally, at 11:00 am approximately (four hours of hiking on one of the top routes in the world!) we will reach the summit of the Vinicunca or Rainbow mountain! Spectacular views, the singular, priceless aspect of the mountain itself, its changing colors according to weather are the unforgettable experiences awaiting you there. We strongly advise you to enjoy this occasion to the fullest!

Afterwards, we will return hiking to Pitumarca and board a private van there, headed to Cusco city, where we’ll be arriving at 07:00 pm approximately. End of a tour we are sure it will be the experience of a lifetime!

What your dream trip includes

The Rainbow Mountain 1-day Hike Tour Includes:

  • Private van Cusco – Quesiuno- Cusco
  • Professional Guide in English or Spanish
  • Meals: 1 breakfast and 1 lunch

The Rainbow Mountain 1-day Hike Tour Does Not Include:

  • Mineral water
  • Horse
  • Entrance ticket to the Vinicunca reserve (S/.10.00)
  • Walking poles
  • Dinner
  • Transfer back in Cusco city to the hotel

Tour Price

You can get this tour from $XXX USD, This price may vary due to season, number of travelers or other conditions.

Discounts and Offers

  • ISIC Card: Students with a valid ISIC card can apply to a discount of XX%.
  • Junior: People under 18 years old can get this tour for $XXUSD.
Aditional Services

You can enhance your experience with these aditional services:

  • Machu Picchu Mountain or Huayna Picchu Mountain: an extra hike to the sacred mountains next to the citadel.
  • Vistadome Train: enjoy the landscape in a panoramic train during your trip to Machu Picchu.
  • Porters: hire an extra porter to get him carry your belongings and enjoy the rek at your best! You will support a Peruvian family too!
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What to bring for your Rainbow Mountain 1-day Hike Tour

What you need to take for this tour:

  • Bottled water
  • Cap or hood, sunblock, sunglasses
  • Rain poncho
  • Warm clothes
  • Walking pole
  • Extra sneakers, warm jacket
  • Snacks: chocolates, energy bars, raisins, etc
Map of the tour
Upgrade options for your comfort

You can always ask for an upgrade for all of our services:

Trains: you can ask for a high class train, the Hiram Bingham luxury service.

Accomodation: If you feel like staying in a hotel during your stay in Cusco even for a couple of hours, we have plenty of options for you. Please check our hotel lists to find the best option for you.

Guiding: Our guides are very knowledgeable and experienced, but if you want a specialized guiding you can ask us to a special guiding service.

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What is the best season to visit Machu Picchu?
Machu Picchu weather is two seasons. You can enjoy fresh and vivid days in rainy seasons from November to March, or shiny and blue-sky days during the dry season, from April to October.

When is Machu Picchu closed?
Good news! Machu Picchu is NEVER closed. You can visit this wonder every day of the year.

Should I book my permit in advance?
We strongly encourage you to book your Machu Picchu permit in advance as they can be sold out easily.