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There are several small uninhabited islands located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Lima.  We offer 4 hour boat tours of the islands, allowing you to see the marine life that lives there, including birds and sea lions.  The tour begins and ends in Callao (Lima’s port city). This tour can be combined with our other tours in Lima.

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Attractions Included in this tour:

  • The Camotal island
  • San Lorenzo island
  • El Fronton island
  • Cavinzas islands
  • Palomino islands
  • View sea birds such as Boobies, penguins, pelicans, gulls, cormorants
  • Swim with a sea lion colony
  • Historical sites and the geology of the islands
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Palomino Islands 1-day Tour – Callao

We will pick you up at Miguel Grau Square in Callao, and head to the dock to board the ship.  During the tour we will see the following attractions:

The Camotal:

Part of Callao that was submerged underwater following the earthquake in 1746. In low-tide days you can see some remnants of the place.

San Lorenzo Island:

Located about 4 km across the bay of Callao; the island has an area of 8 km long by 2.5 km wide. It was a religious center in pre-Columbian times, a cemetery for sailors and pirates in colonial times, and later became the site of important studies, having been visited by many scientists including Charles Darwin.  Today, San Lorenzo Island is a military zone.  During our tour we will have a great panoramic view of this historic island of San Lorenzo.

El Fronton Island:

7 km out from the coast, El Fronton Island emerges as a huge rock in the sea.  The island houses the remains of a prison of the same name.

Cavinzas Islands:

These are a group of islands and rocky islets, caves and caverns which were formed naturally.  The islands are home to seabirds such as pelicans, gulls of several varieties, etc.  The Cavinzas islands are also inhabited by the Humboldt penguins, which can occasionally be seen during the tour.

Palomino Islands:

This important group of islands has become a habitat and refuge for sea lions; these huge, playful and friendly mammals live on these rocky islands which are full of beautiful natural caves and caverns.  If you are prepared, feel free to have a swim with the sea lions and take a picture postcard with them.

The tour lasts about 4 hours and ends at Miguel Grau Square in Callao.  If you ask in advance, we can provide you with transfer back to your hotel in Lima.

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Note: The Palomino island tour can be combined with the Lima city tour or any of our tours in Lima upon request.

What you need to take for the Palomino Island Tour:

  • Sneakers, T-shirts, trousers, Shorts
  • Sun hat, Sunscreen, Bottled Water
  • Swimsuit and towel in case you want to swim together with the sea lions
  • Jacket for the wind and cold during the winter (May – Oct)
  • Have pills for seasickness to avoid dizziness (gravol or dramamine)
  • Extra money, Cameras

The Palomino Island tour Package Includes:

  • Professional English speaking Tour Guide
  • Entrance tickets and yacht transport to all islands of visit
  • Life jacket and first aid kit
  • Hot and cold nonalcoholic drinks
  • Light snacks (chips, banana chips, cookies, etc).

The Palomino Island tour Does Not Include:

  • Meals
  • Tips or extra expenses
  • Hotel-Dock-Hotel Transfers

All payment methods include extra charges not added in the quotation. Please check the payment details.

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