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Peruvian Company of the Year 2016 – 2017: TOUR IN PERU – Local Tour Operator

After more than 8 years of providing a top quality travel service, TOUR IN PERU a Local Tour Operator has been acknowledged as the Peruvian Company of the Year 2016, tourism branch. This award is the most important of its kind in Peru, and beyond, one of the most prestigious in Peru and Latin America.

Peruvian Company of the Year – Top Business National Prize

The prize was given in a beautiful ceremony held at Lima’s Swisshotel, where many national leaders in business and industry attended, while our top management accepted the award on behalf of all the TOUR IN PERU staff.

The Peruvian Company of the Year 2016 award is the result of a very complex and demanding process, for every branch of business; here in Peru, top people in business and the academic areas are required to collaborate on an evaluation that scores all aspects or components of successful, total quality performance in business, either banking, industry and so on. Also, top professionals in Latin America are asked to collaborate. Only after this careful task is finished, the final list of award winners is ready.

Some of the factors considered on the evaluation for Peruvian Company of the Year 2016 are:

TOUR IN PERU surely stands out on such factors, this is the reason we have a solid national and international reputation on providing the best traveling services for Cusco and Peru’s top destinations such as Machu Picchu – One of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

TOUR IN PERU – Best Peruvian Tourism Company in 2016

Below are some of the aspects that have made TOUR IN PERU a licensed and leading local tour operator for tourists from the whole World:

  • A wide and wonderful range of tourism packages, both for the Cusco region and premier places in Peru
  • Top professional staff for customer attention, offering efficiency and care for the clients as persons
  • The best customer service and logistics for all our tour packages on-the-ground
  • The most affordable prices in the market, with flexibility and promotions
  • A really useful grid of internet resources, with plenty of traveling information and options for clients to contact us for instant solutions

All of this and more have made TOUR IN PERU a leading company in the very competitive travel business here in Cusco, which serves thousands of visitors from everywhere around the world every month.

For TOUR IN PERU, being the Peruvian Company of the Year 2016, tourism branch, is surely something that makes us all very proud and a major reward for the constant efforts of our management and staff in order to ensure each and every one of our clients has the best Peru experience. This also strengthens our commitment to continue doing so.

So, next time you are thinking about going on the Inca Trail having a great vacation, trust a local Tour Operator like TOUR IN PERU, Peruvian Company of the Year 2016 for your unforgettable Machu Picchu Peru travel experience!