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Why Choose TOUR IN PERU for the Inca Trails?

There are many travel agencies and tour operators in Cusco… so how can you actually find the best, for a fact? Here we are going to show the reasons why you should choose TOUR IN PERU for your top, perfect Inca Trails.

Staff excellence

First, I believe this article could help! You will see we have a very competent staff; being so is a must for all our workers actually, we only hire highly qualified, top professionals, people who are experts on tour planning, travel arrangements, logistics, languages and top customer service. Actually then, if you choose TOUR IN PERU you do get the best traveling services at the best prices! Here’s one good reason!

Top internet resources quality

We have a top quality website and internet resources. For instance, if you want to find updated and accurate information about the Classic 4-day Inca Trail, we have it all at a just one click distance:

Instagram is the best place for Machu Picchu pictures

Enjoy Machu Picchu with the best travel agency

  • All tour inclusions and exclusions.
  • Complete itinerary information, with times, hiking mileage, meals planning, daily route and activities, altitude changes, camping details and everything we know you need to know, based on our extensive experience.
  • All items you need to pack both for your safety and your comfort all the way for the Classic 4-day Inca Trail.
  • And very important: you can watch several testimonials on video from many travelers who chose our company and were 100% satisfied with all the services we provided. “Your service was incredible.” is what one of them said, and indeed all our customers have the best of times on Inca Trails with TOUR IN PERU.
  • Also you can contact us anytime by telephone, e-mail, chat or Skype; our professional tour operators will immediately tell you all you need to know and answer all questions. Another reason to choose TOUR IN PERU is we provide all information about the best international payment methods, so you can book your tour with complete easiness.

Top expertise on tour logistics

Looking for the Inca Trail? Take TOUR IN PERU

Tour in Peru porters will go with you along your way

The Inca Trails are a complex logistical operation, so our travel company must have (and we do have) the best professional staff and the top expertise of many years in the business of giving our travelers all they expect from their hiking, archaeological site-visiting adventure on the Inca Trails.

  • Good nutrition is very important, and with the extra effort of the Inca Trails, it is even more important, so we have expert cooks and kitchen helpers who will prepare the best typical Peruvian meals. Now for customers with special food requirements, you don’t have to worry at all! Our kitchen staff is fully able to take care of your needs, either you are a vegetarian, have some kind of food-allergy, or some religious, philosophical restriction about eating and/or drinking. Needless to say we follow scientific, healthy eating rules; overall, one more reason to choose TOUR IN PERU!
  • Our guides are top, experienced professionals, with a complete knowledge, both in theory and practice, of Andean history and culture; moreover, they were born in Cusco, so they have the best knowledge of local society, geography and culture, and also they are in the best position to give visitors first-hand information about every aspects of past and present Andean civilization. On the other hand, all our guides are constantly trained on first-aid and safety procedures, so they are totally competent to help our ramblers with some issues like altitude sickness, blood pressure, mild bodily pains. When you choose TOUR IN PERU, know we always carry oxygen bottles, general medicines, first-aid kits, blood pressure devices, so your safety is ensured in the case of some healthcare need while hiking with us.
  • A usual complain from most people doing Inca Trails is about tent or portable bathrooms. Here at TOUR IN PERU we have solved this issue: we invested in portable toilets which are very easy to sanitize, and exclusively for the use of our travelers, since camping sites are shared most of the times with other hiking groups.
  • Speaking of camping, TOUR IN PERU provides top equipment: large tents, walking sticks, comfortable mats; you only have to bring your sleeping bag. We have a dream team of strong, experienced porters to help you and the agency with all luggage and actually, they will help you with much care and support, courtesy and warmth, because people native from Cusco communities are really spiritual, they still follow the old ways of Inca times, when solidarity was a must and everybody cared about each other, no one was left behind, reason why Spanish invaders were immensely surprised when they found an empire with no poverty at all, and where Inca economic planning had everybody’s needs covered. One more plus for travelers who choose TOUR IN PERU!

Official certifications and best customer service

  • TOUR IN PERU is a completely licensed, legal travel agency and tour operator, which means we are under government supervision, and have to comply with Peruvian and international tourism regulations.
  • We have 8 years of certified experience on tour operations for both Peruvian and foreign tourists, under national tourism authorities supervision.
  • TOUR IN PERU offers a wide range of tour packages, among them a variety of Inca Trails of course, which are also flexible and can be customized for you; our professional, experienced staff is available 24/7 before and after your travel for efficient, personalized attention.
  • TOUR IN PERU will have all arrangements ready for our travelers: hotel reservations, flight tickets, entrance tickets etc, so you are completely free to only enjoy your dream vacation.

So, do your research and after that we are sure you will contact TOUR IN PERU for final details and closing the deal for a Peru dream travel! Choose TOUR IN PERU for your 2017 and 2018 Inca Trails experience!