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Located near the city of Arequipa is the Colca Canyon.  The Colca Canyon is 4,160 meters of depth, more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the U.S.  

Cañon ColcaThe Colca Canyon was created by the Colca River which starts high in the Andes Mountains and flows through the canyon, changing names twice before flowing into the Pacific Ocean.

The greatest depth of the canyon occurs at Nevado Ampato, an extinct volcano, with a vertical rise of 20,630 feet (6,288 m). The Colca Canyon is home to the Andean Condor which is a frequent attraction for visitors who watch the condors soar through the air hunting for food.  People from the Collaguas and the Cabanas cultures still inhabit this area.  Colca’s name comes from the granaries used by the Incas, made of mud and stone dotting the walls of the canyon.


This is one of the most popular places to visit in the country.   If you are interested in seeing the canyon for yourself, we offer tours to the canyon in addition to Arequipa city tours.  Feel free to contact us for information!